Characteristics of Good Cosmetic Surgeon

Finding a cosmetic surgeon, you can trust can be a difficult task if you haven’t worked before or you don’t have any recommendations from friends or family then the DOC – Doctor Ahmed omarjee is right choice for you. He is innovator in his field and specializes in surgery. He treats people all over the world with least pain and fastest recoveries. A good doctor has following qualities


Cosmetic surgery involves risk so experience is necessary because experience minimize the risk. Patient can find out the right surgeon for them by asking surgeon’s experience. Individuals can check before and after photos of patients, photos of customer will show the real image of doctor’s experience.


He should be certified with governing board. Certificate is the proof that he is trained and got enough education and research in his work. If he doesn’t have certificate it means he is not trained and he may be involved in malpractice. So patient should be careful

Expert in particular treatment

A doctor who performs breast augmentation may not perform rhinoplasty. Persons who are interested should research by own.  Medical lines changes very fast so doctors should adept these changes.

Reasonable cost

Plastic surgery is not cheap. A good doctor charges a reasonable price for his work and is varies from doctor to doctor but cost depend quality and skill of doctor.  Patient should not make decision only on cost because they should understand that all patients cannot be treated same techniques and surgery may be complex so cost may be higher.

High quality equipment

Doctor should have latest high-quality equipment. It should not look like old equipment because when customer looks this old equipment, he may feel uncomfortable and his fear will not let him doing surgery.

Personal attention

Good doctor pays attention to his customer; they try to find out need of the customer and reason for the surgery and gives advice about the surgery and outcomes of the surgery. Sometimes patient expects like after surgery he or she will look like actor or actress so doctor tells them practical outcomes

Desired results

Good doctor are able to give desired results to patients what they want. They understand the needs of the customer and according to customer he performs.

 Final words

A good doctor has these qualities mentioned above. Patients should be careful and do research on all these point before taking surgery because it is question of their life.