Curried Carrot Soup- Health In A Bowl

Since my days in chef whites, making soup has been my favorite kitchen activity. I love being able to layer flavors and achieve a complex, flavorful and affordable meal! And as the weather cools, my soup efforts kick into high gear. The reason soup is so fitting for the season is the same reason smoothies and fresh juices are perfect winter indulgence; soup, like smoothies and juices, are so nutrient dense when prepared with whole ingredients, helping to fend off sickness by boosting immunity.

This soup is a dream, delicious, easy to prepare with a healthful punch; the addition of coconut milk and lentils, beefs up the simple carrot soup, making it appropriate as a meal when paired with sturdy whole grain bread.

So why is this soup so good for you?

  • Coconut milk: Coconut milk helps in warding off colds and coughs by keeping the immune system healthy. It supplies vitamin C to the body which boosts the immunity; and with winter in full swing around these parts, immunity has become very important. And coconut milk can in fact help with weight loss. Despite it being high in saturated fat; the saturated fat in coconut is made up of short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids the body quickly turns into energy instead of being stored as fat.
  • Curry: Not only does curry warm the body from the inside out; but curry spice has also been touted as a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and heart disease. And we are all educated about cancer, but heart disease robs women of their lives at an alarming rate- it isn’t just a man’s disease. And with Breast cancer month having passed and Movember drawing to close, it bears mentioning that Curry’s curcumin may help deactivate genes that can trigger the onset and spread of breast cancer and may be effective in slowing the progression of prostate and colorectal cancers.
  • Carrots: What’s not to love about carrots? Carrots contain mass amounts of beta-carotene, which serves as an antioxidant that helps the body to fight the cell damage occurring in the body with pollutants in the bloodstream and even oxygen. It also help slows down the aging of cells and various negative effect associated with aging. And speaking of anti aging, Carrot has strong cleansing properties that are effective in detoxifying the liver, so that the overall effects of acne that are caused by toxins from the blood are minimized. Carrot is also useful for treating uneven skin tones because of pigmentation. The vitamin A and other nutrients in carrots efficiently nourish the skin by preventing dry skin and other skin blemishes.

So you can see why this soup is so boss!

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