Got Talent?

There are so many gifted individuals out here who just can’t seem to catch a break. People who would put today’s “Supah” stars to shame. At the same time, there are scores of unsung visual artists, poets, dancers and mimes, who never get the chance to shine. We wanna change that! The Witches’ Brew wants to give voice to our talented Brewchies!

Are you an Unsigned, Indie, Big in Europe, always on the verge of blowing up, needing just one good shotter?
Are you a visual artist?
Do you spend your days painting happy clouds? Do you make pretty sculptures out of kitty litter, garden gnomes and exboyfriend’s stolen mail?
Are you a slave to the Riddem?
Are you a dancer/troupe/group or crew (not gang though, that’s sumthin’ else)?

The Witches would love to share your wonderful talents with the world! If you’re interested in being featured in our new venture ‘BREWCHIES WITH TALENT’, email Witch Elphie to get your work posted here on the Brew.

**It should go without saying, but do NOT send me your smut or filth flarn flarn filth! White Jesus WOULD NOT APPROVE!

Featured Brewchies With Talent:
Shadra Strickland, Illustrator
Gina Brotherton, Jewelry Designer
Christina Mendez, Painter
Jaime Patterson, Photographer
Deyane Moses, Photographer
Patricia Ambroise, Celebrity Makeup Artist
Jasmin Mitchell, Jewelry Designer
Atasha Scott, Confectionaire
Martine Foreman, JustDiva Co-Founder
Priscilla Dosunmu, Photographer
Ivelisse Estella, Custom Paper Craftstress