Guest Post Mediation Techniques For Wellness –

For anyone who regularly meditates or enjoys some sort of meditative practices, to say that meditation can improve your health is little more than merely stating the obvious. If we look at what bad health is most commonly caused by nowadays, it becomes perfectly clear how meditation can massively help with this – and it doesn’t come as any surprise to see that poor health and unhealthy lifestyles are those which have a high level of stress in them. Most of us nowadays live incredibly and increasingly stressful lives. We wake up each morning filled with frustration and annoyance, we pour caffeine down our necks, drag ourselves on a long and irritating commute before working a job which provides little or no satisfaction, and is fueled by more coffee and unhealthy food. We return home, too tired and unhappy to cook; rendering us unable to enjoy the simple pleasures of healthy food, before retiring to bed for a night of fitful, unsatisfying sleep.

This cycle has become normalized for so many people, and yet it is clearly a deeply unhealthy and unsatisfying way to live. Where do you find time for yourself? How are you finding balance between body and mind, spirit and soul in this process? Does it really come as any surprise that stress is pandemic in our culture, and it is driving us to become far more dependent on pills and medicines; and causing a vast range of illnesses? Our bodies require some respite, some quiet time, some relaxation, and if we don’t allow our bodies and minds to step back from the madness of this hectic world, our health will rapidly deteriorate.

How does meditation improve health?

Meditation improves health in a few simple and logical ways. Firstly, taking even half an hour of your day to dedicate to relaxation and breathing exercises helps to harmonize the body and mind. It lowers your blood pressure, quietens your pulse rate and allows your exhausted limbs and muscles to relax, loosen themselves and generally reawaken. Many people find that the use of meditative music can massively assist in this, as so many people find themselves stuck in the vicious cycle of stress which does not allow them to relax their minds. Stress keeps us distracted, keeps our mind buzzing with problems and frustrations – meditative music can considerably help eliminate these frustrations and quickly induce a meditative state.

Step back, relax

Meditation can also help improve our health by allowing us to step back from our problems, even a stolen moment of solitude can have lasting effects on our day. Enveloping your mind in blankness and peace can really help you get some perspective on your life and your problems; and give you a blank canvas on which to see the reality of your situation. Stress simply melts away when you realise just how insignificant it is. Along with this, you can find the space in your mind to set things in order, stop panicking and start being more efficient. You’ll quickly find your heart rate calming down, your immune system becoming stronger and your general health improving massively from just thirty minutes or so of meditation each day. Soon, you’ll be recommending it to all your stressed and unwell friends and colleagues!

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