Holiday Hangover Tips


The holiday season is in full swing, and with holiday cheer comes the dreaded hangover; and seeing as my work and socializing schedule ramps up at this time of year I have weathered my fair share of hangover storms. But I’ve come by some hard lessons in my twenty seven years of life, and today I’d like to share. This is my holiday survival guide of the adult variety…

Lemon Juice and Warm Water
Lemons are single handedly one of the best things we can do for our bodies, especially during the holiday season. The liver takes a mean beating during this time of year and, although it’s important to stave off a hangover for our sanity, it’s even more important to keep our liver healthy. Enter lemons.

Lemons cleanse the liver like nothing else, and their juice should be taken daily. So every morning the minute you wake up, juice 1 lemon and mix it with one cup of room temperature water; why room temp? If it’s ice cold water the body has to work to warm it up, and we want it to get to work immediately at detoxifying our cells. You want to do this before you’ve had a morsel of food, so that it doesn’t have to compete with digestion. If there is one thing that you take from my entire Holiday Hangover Tip guide it should be this!

Whole Organic Greens Liquid
When it comes to efficiently obtaining nutrients, my go to is Organic Whole Greens; 1 tbsp of this green healthy elixir provides the body with 5 SERVINGS of vegetables. So what does this mean for hangover survival? Well when our bodies are hung over they are devoid of nutrients, because the alcohol has pillaged our stores; and there are some, particularly strong, types of hangovers that make it impossible to eat, so this becomes a savior, as you can drink your nutrients.

My method of delivery is this; I take 1 tbsp shot in the morning following my shot of lemon juice; and then I drink a second tablespoon in distilled water throughout the day. I do this every day as a preventative measure; and of course the day after a party, when my head feels thick.

Milk Thistle
Milk Thistle is the real deal, which is why it finds itself as a recommendation on my holiday survival guide. Milk Thistle is a very powerful liver detoxification tool, as it helps to rebuild damaged liver cells; and the best part is that one cannot overdose on the stuff.

Now, Milk Thistle is available in tincture (liquid) form and tablet form, but I’m partial to the tincture because it can be administered in a way that it goes right into the blood stream. By placing 1 dropper of liquid under the tongue, it’s able to get right down to the business of detox.

As a preventative measure, I take 3 droppers full under my tongue the day of the party; 1 in the morning, 1 mid afternoon and 1 before the party. And I repeat this the next day. It has been said that milk thistle will alleviate symptoms of a hangover, I’ve had mixed experience with this; but it keeps the liver working, so I’m all in!

Water, Water, WATER!
We are comprised of over 50% water, so it becomes very necessary for our blood to be well hydrated. I can’t say it enough, DRINK UP! Every day we should aim for at least 8 glasses of water per day, for me this equates to about 1 liter; but for the day of a party aim for a liter and a half, and the same amount the day after. Water is the BEST and most validated measure to stave off a hangover.

Things to Avoid

There is always a ying to a yang, and holiday hangover tips are no different.

Now you may feel as though you can down the venti-est size Starbucks coffee when you are hung, but I beg you to reconsider. Booze is dehydrating, Coffee is dehydrating, put those two together and you have yourself a mess of a hangover. If your body absolutely needs a boost, try sipping on Matcha green tea or regular loose leaf green tea; as they both come complete with antioxidants. Free radicals are abound when we are hung over, so drinking green tea, which is full of antioxidant scavengers, works to rid the body of these demons, and you’ll also get a nice buzz going, without the dehydration of the coffee…On a side note enter to win the nourishtea Tea For Health Tea Giveaway where you could win a tea prize pack!

Ah, the culprit itself! There is a saying “Hair of the Dog” which implies that to beat a hangover simply start drinking again- STOP! Hangovers compound, trust me, I’ve tried this and paid dearly when I finally stopped drinking- 3 day hangovers are no fun for anyone!

Give yourself at least 2-3 days off the sauce to allow your body to rebalance- it’s simple in theory, but at this time of year it can be a challenge. Do your best, it’s all you can do.

Honorable Mention

Sleep. It’s pretty well publicized that we need 7-9 hours of sleep in order to function optimally, this is even more important during the holidays. Operating at half mass puts your body at a disadvantage from the start. So be sure to prioritize rest, or you will crash- it will be ugly and will likely cause you to miss out on some fun.

So there it is, my Holiday Hangover Tips. Now go forth, sip with care and be sure to take heed of the aforementioned tips, I suffered, so you don’t have to! You’re welcome.