Now I consider myself a purist when it comes to cooking- from scratch in all ways; but when I was invited to try Herbamare in the Vitality Kitchen, I thought “why not?” So over the last month I have been experimenting with this unique herb and spice salt blend from A.Vogel.

I don’t jump into these things blindly, due diligence is paramount, especially when it comes to using products in the Vitality Kitchen; but upon review I discovered that Herbamare is free of preservatives, has no msg, and effortlessly blends sea salt with herbs and dried vegetables. Because of this, I was willing to put it to use the Vitality Kitchen menu offerings.

The entire month of June, I was using Herbamare liberally in the Vitality Kitchen Meal Plans and NOURISH Cleanses, and you know what? Herbamare is pretty boss! Whether using it to cook and season as you go, or as a table salt replacement, Herbamare has the power to give your culinary creations a little oomph. In other words, use it like you would use salt in your very own Vitality Kitchen.

Now you can get original Herbamare or opt for Zesty flavour- you can also find a low sodium version, but I NEVER use low sodium spices, because what’s replacing the sodium? In any case I really enjoyed the two aforementioned Herbamare flavours.

A Few Tips for Seasoning Food:

  • Season as you go. In some cases seasoning food as the end will suffice, but when it comes to grains, sauces and soups, seasoning as you go is essential.
  • Remember, you can always add seasoning, but you cannot take it away; once something is over seasoned, it’s very hard to recover.
  • When creating a dish with layers of flavour, cleanse your palate each time you taste; meaning, have a sip of water. This will ensure that you are tasting effectively and, therefore, able to season your food perfectly.
  • Don’t forget about pepper. Sometime we may think that a dish needs salt, when what it needs is pepper to create a well rounded flavour profile. Pepper doesn’t get the credit it deserves.
  • Lastly, get creative with your use of spices; salt and pepper are just the tip of iceberg. Creating multi dimensional dishes depends on so much more than salt and pepper, experiment with herbs and spices and watch your culinary efforts prosper!